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According to Cat's Cradle, what are humanity's biggest problems?

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Which of the following statements describes Felix Hoenikker best?

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How would Julian Castle's philosophy best be described?

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How would Bokonon's philosophy best be described?

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What is Bokononism?

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What does Bokononism provide for its followers?

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How is Bokononism different from other religions?

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What did the Hoenikker siblings try to do with ice-nine?

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What did Bokonon think about history?

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What is the best description of Angela's feelings for her father?

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How would John best be described?

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How would Mona best be described?

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How would Vonnegut's attitude toward modern technology best be described?

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How would John's attitude toward Mona best be described?

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Why did John agree to become President of San Lorenzo?

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Why did Frank want John to become President of San Lorenzo in his place?

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What did Lowe and Hazel symbolize?

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What does the game of cat's cradle symbolize?

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What did the Hundred Martyrs to Democracy symbolize?

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Why did McCabe outlaw Bokononism on San Lorenzo?

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How would San Lorenzo's criminal justice system best be described?

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Why did "Papa" Monzano adopt Mona?

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Why did Asa Breed's son quit his job at the Research Laboratory?

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What does Cat's Cradle say about the search for knowledge and understanding?

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What does Frank's exquisitely detailed model in Jack's Hobby Shop symbolize?