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What task does Osip fulfill at his wife's dinner parties in "The Grasshopper"?

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What river does Olga visit with her artist-lover Ryabovsky?

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What are the professions of the "darling's" two husbands?

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In what way does Olga embarrasses her lover, the veterinary surgeon Smirnin, in "The Darling"?

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Why does Dr. Rabin cease to take an interest in his patients in "Ward No. Six"?

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What does Rabin feel after he has been tricked into entering the hospital asylum in "Ward No. Six"?

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Why does Savka leave his lover and the narrator alone together in "Agafya"?

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What is the purpose of Kuzmichov's journey in Steppe, aside from taking his nephew Yegorushka to school?

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What is Yegorushka's reaction on meeting Varlamov in Steppe?

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How does Yegorushka feel at the conclusion of his journey when he is left to stay at the house of his mother's friend?

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In what way does Misail alienate his father in "My Life"?

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Why is Masha drawn to Stephan in "My Life"?

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What significance does the gooseberry fruit have in the story "Gooseberries"?

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Who or what does Ivan wish stood behind the door of "every happy, contented man" in "Gooseberries"?

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Why is Jerome the ferryman unhappy in "The Night Before Easter"?

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What does Jerome insist Deacon Nicolas was particularly good at?

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Who or what does "the black monk" say Kovrin is?

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Why does Kovrin and Tania's marriage collapse in "The Black Monk"?

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Why does the constable Loshadin say that he is willing to suffer in order to fulfill his office "On Official Duty"?

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Why is the inquest postponed for two days in "On Official Duty"?

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How does Lipa's baby Nikifor die in "In the Ravine"?

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How does Chekhov describe Aksinia's smile in "In the Ravine"?

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What does Grigori do when beggars ask him for money?

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Who does Gurov think Anna resembles in "The Lady with the Dog"?

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How does "The Lady with the Dog" end?