"All political problems," Karellen had once told Stormgren, "can be solved by the correct application of power."

"That's a cynical remark," Stormgren had replied. " ...it's a little too much like 'might makes right.'" In our own past, the use of power has been notably unsuccessful in solving anything."

"The operative word is correct. You have never possessed real power, or the knowledge to apply it."

This discussion, from Chapter 6, highlights a somewhat flawed argument by Karellen and the Overlords. Stormgren's object is sound; Karellen's statement that all political problems can be solved through the "correct" application of power does sound like "might makes right." When Stormgren points this out, Karellen responds by defining it as a difference of efficiency—by "correct," Karellen means "efficient" and with the least amount of damage to the most people. But the flaw that Stormgren has recognized is that Karellen is still making a value judgment: he will put the Overlords' considerable power behind whatever he thinks is the "correct," or rather, the "right" action. This means that the Earth is subjected to whatever the Overlords think is "right." Essentially, Karellen sidesteps a good objection by Stormgren, ignoring the question of the Overlords' ultimate plans for Earth.