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How does Jeremiah Saint-Amour reveal his secrets to Dr. Juvenal Urbino?

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What is Jeremiah Saint-Amour's biggest secret?

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How does Dr. Juvenal Urbino die?

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Dr. Urbino and Fermina Daza's most serious fight is over:

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Why does Jeremiah Saint-Amour kill himself?

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On her wedding night, Fermina most afraid of:

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Where does Florentino professes his love for Fermina the second time?

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During her husband's funeral and wake, Fermina is:

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What is Fermina's reaction to Florentino's second professesion of "eternal fidelity and everlasting love"?

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How long does Florentino wait to profess his love for Fermina?

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What is the very first thing Florentino gives to Fermina?

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Why does Fermina refuse the camellias that Florentino gives to her?

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What is the meaning of the phrase "little bird," as used in the text?

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Why does Florentino eat flower petals and drink cologne?

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When does Florentino first see Fermina?

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Despite his anguished efforts, Florentino cannot produce:

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The song Florentino writes and plays for Fermina is called:

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Fermina agrees to marry Florentino on the condition that:

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Who catches Fermina writing a secret love letter to Florentino?

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What does Fermina give Florentino along with her farewell note?

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In Valledupar, what does Hildebranda give to Fermina?

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Ofelia tells her mother that love among elderly people is:

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What is the reason for Dr. Urbino and Fermina's first meeting?

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How does Rosalba carry her child?

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What is the name of the ship aboard which Florentino and Fermina travel?

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What happens the first time Florentino attempts to make love to Fermina?