1. What does Reuven’s father want his son to become?

2. Which of the following characters is not hospitalized at some point in the novel?

3. Which of the following characters strongly supports the creation of the state of Israel?

4. Which of the following historical events takes place during the novel?

5. Who cooks meals for Reuven when he is at home?

6. What position does Reuven play most of the time on his softball team?

7. Where does Danny go to graduate school?

8. Who recommends books to Danny in the library?

9. What is Danny’s critique of his psychology classes at Hirsch College?

10. Why is Reb Saunders opposed to the creation of the state of Israel?

11. Which of the following boys plays baseball on Danny’s team?

12. How did Billy lose his eyesight?

13. Who is considered the founder of Hasidism?

14. Why does Reb Saunders raise Danny in silence?

15. Which of the following is true of Danny at the end of the novel?

16. What is the term for a person who opposes Hasidism?

17. Why must Danny listen closely to his father’s Sabbath speeches?

18. Reuven excels in which of the following subjects?

19. What language does Reb Saunders speak in conversation?

20. Where do Reuven and his father vacation in August?

21. When does Danny’s father acknowledge that his son will not take his place as head of the dynasty?

22. Which of the following Saunders family events does Reuven attend?

23. Which of the following subjects is Danny unable toteach himself?

24. Reuven expresses a romantic interest in which of the following women?

25. Which of the following terms does not apply to Reb Saunders?