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What causes Rucker death?

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After whom does Will name his dog?

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How old is Aunt Loma?

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How does Camp commit suicide?

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Who sees Miss Love kissing Clayton McAllister?

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Who directs the school play?

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How is Aunt Carrie related to Will Tweedy?

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Who saves T. R. on the train trestle?

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Who is the Tweedys’ cook?

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Who erases Miss Love’s name from the Toy family Bible?

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What does Miss Love name her racehorse?

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Who goes to New York?

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Who raped Miss Love?

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Cold Sassy’s first Fourth of July celebration since the Civil War take place in what year?

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Who has the first motorcar in Cold Sassy?

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Who was Miss Love’s boyfriend before she married Rucker?

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Who ends up with Mattie Lou’s piano?

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What kind of car does Rucker buy?

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What does Rucker give Miss Love for her birthday?

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When is Miss Love’s birthday?

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Which of Will’s friends dies before the novel begins?

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According to Miss Love, why does Queenie eat from trays instead of plates?

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What is the new name of Cold Sassy’s hotel?

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Where is Miss Love Simpson from originally?

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At the end of the novel, what is the town renamed?