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What physical feature does Nurse Ratched try to conceal?

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Why did Nurse Ratched hire the three black aides?

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What animals does McMurphy compare the patients to?

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What animals does Harding compare the patients to?

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What pattern covers McMurphy’s boxer shorts?

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Which character is a closeted homosexual?

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Which patient has been on the ward the longest?

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How does Rawler, a patient on Disturbed, commit suicide?

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Which of the following symbolizes Bromden’s insanity?

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What is the reward for snitching on a fellow patient?

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What is McMurphy’s first complaint to Nurse Ratched?

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What ailment do Sefelt and Fredrickson suffer from?

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Why does Doctor Spivey drive the patients and accompany them on the fishing trip?

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Which character, a former seaman, captains the fishing boat?

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What is McMurphy’s excuse for breaking through the glass of the Nurses’ Station?

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What important information does the lifeguard give McMurphy?

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Which of Nurse Ratched’s patients dies in the novel?

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What punishment do McMurphy and Bromden receive for fighting with the aides?

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What does McMurphy do to Nurse Ratched after Billy commits suicide?

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Why doesn’t Harding want to escape with McMurphy?

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How does Chief Bromden leave the hospital?

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How does Charles Cheswick die?

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What might the white whales on McMurphy’s boxers symbolize?

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Which event symbolizes that Bromden is regaining his sense of self?

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Who eventually kills McMurphy?