1. When does Prejean have her spiritual awakening?

2. How much does the incarceration rate increase in the U.S. every ten years?

3. Who is Joe Vaccaro?

4. Who has the power to grant a last-minute pardon?

5. What is Angola named after?

6. The Eighth Amendment grants protection against what?

7. Survive is the name of what?

8. Who was Albert Camus?

9. Why does Prejean march from New Orleans to Baton Rouge?

10. What are the two most important elements in determining which criminals are sentenced to death?

11. What relationship does Vernon Harvey have to Faith Hathaway?

12. Which one of the following is not a form of execution still practiced in the United States?

13. The majority of homicide victims in New Orleans are which of the following?

14. What becomes of Patrick’s body?

15. The Supreme Court does not permit the killing of which of the following groups?

16. What are Patrick’s last words?

17. What is Howard Marsellus convicted of?

18. Who is Howard Marsellus?

19. Who killed David LeBlanc and Loretta Bourque?

20. Who is Lloyd LeBlanc?

21. What does Robert ask Prejean for?

22. Whom does Robert call before his execution?

23. What is Millard Farmer?

24. What is the name of the housing project Prejean lives in?

25. What is the name of the prison where Patrick is incarcerated?


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