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What personal product do the other girls in Eleanor’s gym class use to deface Eleanor’s locker?

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What mean, color-themed nicknamed do the other kids at school give Eleanor?

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What does Richie give Eleanor for Christmas?

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What does Eleanor give Park for Christmas?

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At the end of the school year, what happens to Tina and Steve’s relationship?

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When Richie kicked Eleanor out of the house for the first time, where did she stay?

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When Mr. Stessman assigns Eleanor and Park’s English class to memorize a poem, what poem does Eleanor choose?

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What is Park’s mom’s job?

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How many siblings does Eleanor have?

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How does Eleanor get to have her first phone conversation with Park?

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When Eleanor goes over to Park’s house, where does she tell her mother she’s going?

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When the girls in gym class flush Eleanor’s clothes down the toilet, what is Eleanor forced to wear?

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What does Park ask Eleanor to start their very first conversation?

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Under what condition does Park’s dad permit him to drive Eleanor to Minnesota?

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What martial art does Park practice?

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When Steve teases Eleanor and Park fights to defend her, what happens?

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When Richie spoils the end of Christmas dinner by flinging over the rice pudding, what does Eleanor’s mom do?

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When does Park’s mom have a change of heart and decide to accept Eleanor?

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Who has been writing the lewd notes on Eleanor’s textbooks all year?

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Why did Richie first kick Eleanor out of the house?

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Why does Park start wearing eyeliner?

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What is Park’s mom’s given name, and what name does she go by in America?

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When Eleanor goes to Minnesota, how does she stay in touch with Park?

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When Eleanor dresses up for their first phone conversation, what does she wear?

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What does Eleanor’s mom dab behind Eleanor’s ears like a perfume?