Eleanor & Park

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Chapters 24–30

Summary Chapters 24–30

Summary: Chapter 24


Eleanor wakes up to slamming noises and gunshots. She climbs out the window and calls 911 from the next-door neighbor’s phone. The police tell her to go back inside and open the door for them. They talk to Richie, and Eleanor’s mom tells Eleanor to say that it was all a mistake. When the police leave, Richie yells at Eleanor never to call the police again. Eleanor’s mom says that Richie only shot to scare away some kids in the park.

Summary: Chapter 25


Park notices that Eleanor seems troubled.


Eleanor doesn’t know where she would go if Richie kicked her out again. She thinks about the day when Richie kicked her out a year ago. She was typing out song lyrics on an old typewriter, and Richie yelled at her to be quiet, but she kept typing. Richie burst into the room, threw the typewriter into the wall, and screamed at her. Eleanor’s mom pushed Eleanor down the stairs to get Eleanor out of the way, and Eleanor ran out of the house and kept running down the street. Eleanor’s mom came and took her to the neighbor’s house.


When Park tells Eleanor that he’s not grounded anymore, she doesn’t really react, but instead, keeps leaning on him, looking exhausted.

Summary: Chapter 26


Eleanor is afraid that if she shows Park how much she misses him, he’ll run away.

Summary: Chapter 27


The next morning, Eleanor feels better, and she tells Park that she can go to his house after school.