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What city does the "Zooey" section take place in?

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How does Zooey Glass make a living?

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What is the name of the oldest Glass sibling?

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What do Franny Glass and Lane Coutell drink at Sickler's?

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Why does Franny say she cannot remember Lane's friend?

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Seymour wrote his diary on:

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What does Bessie Glass usually wear around the apartment?

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In what genre of theater did Bessie and Les Glass perform?

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What kind of animal is Franny holding for most of "Zooey?"

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What adjective does Bessie use in regard to the title of Zooey's script?

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What is the object that Lane thinks is involved in Franny's breakdown?

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Who does Zooey say made Franny and himself "freaks"?

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What does Buddy not have at his house that Bessie wishes he did?

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In Franny's dream, what are the girls from college trying to do to her?

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What does Lane keep talking about at lunch with Franny?

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Who does Zooey pretend to be on the phone with Franny?

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What happens to Franny at the end of "Franny"?

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Buddy writes a letter to Zooey on the three- year anniversary of what event?

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What food does Franny's mother keep offering her?

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What does Zooey say about this food?

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Where does Zooey spend the first part of "Zooey"?

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What do Seymour and Buddy have written on their door?

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Which of part of Zooey's body does Bessie compliment?

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Who did Seymour once tell Zooey to shine his shoes for?

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Who of the following people is not a Glass sibling?