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Who raised Tesman?

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What is Tesman's academic specialty?

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What kind of book has Ejlert just published?

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Where did Hedda acquire her pistols?

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Where did Ibsen live most of his life?

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In what year was Hedda Gabler completed?

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For how many months did the Tesmans' honeymoon last?

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What did Hedda think of her honeymoon?

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To whom is Mrs. Elvsted married?

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What is Ejlert's manuscript about?

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What does Aunt Julle bring Tesman?

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Which of the following sentences is most true about Judge Brack?

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How does Hedda drive Ejlert to drink?

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Which of the following terms best describes Berte?

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Of what does Tesman declare himself jealous?

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At whom does Hedda pretend to shoot?

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How has Tesman come to possess Ejlert's manuscript?

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Which of the following is explicitly made clear in the play?

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What are Mrs. Elvsted's thoughts upon hearing that Ejlert has "destroyed" his manuscript?

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What happens while Ejlert and Tesman are at Brack's party?

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When the play begins, Tesman assumes Ejlert is no longer an academic rival because:

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Whom does Hedda call "the cock of the yard"?

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What do Hedda and Ejlert pretend to do when they are found talking together?

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How is Hedda Gabler structured?

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What is Hedda's last act before she dies?