1. Who is Herzog's current lover?

2. Where is Herzog temporarily living?

3. When does the action of the book take place?

4. Who is Madeleine's lover?

5. What is Herzog's area of study?

6. Who is Daisy?

7. What was the profession of Madeleine's father?

8. Where did Moses live as a child?

9. To whom of the following does Herzog not write a letter?

10. What is Gersbach's first name?

11. Where does Madeleine live?

12. Who helped Valentine find a job in Chicago?

13. What is Moses' cultural background?

14. Why is Lucas Asphalter currently depressed?

15. How old is Moses?

16. What is the title of Moses's one published book?

17. From whom is Moses running away when he decides to go to Martha's Vineyard?

18. Who is Tennie?

19. Who is Jonah Herzog?

20. Who is George Hoberly?

21. Whose house does Moses visit first in Chicago?

22. What does Herzog take from his father's desk?

23. What happens on the day that Moses takes his daughter to the aquarium?

24. What had Moses intended to do with the gun?

25. Where does Moses end up at the end of the novel?