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What is the name of Leonard Bast's insurance company?

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What was Margaret's mother's name?

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Which character does not live at Howards End at the end of the novel?

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Which character goes to jail?

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Where does Paul go to make his fortune?

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Where is Evie married?

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Where does Tibby go to college?

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Where did Henry have his dalliance with Jacky?

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To whom does Ruth Wilcox wish to leave Howards End?

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In what industry has Mr. Wilcox made his fortune?

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Where does Helen live after she leaves England?

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What is to be built in place of the Schlegel home on Wickham Place?

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Which character never lives in London?

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Which sickness nearly kills Aunt Juley?

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What or who falls on Leonard before he dies?

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What musical piece do the Schlegels hear performed in Chapter 5?

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Who will inherit Howards End when Henry dies?

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Who kisses Helen?

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Who is Dolly's uncle?

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How old is Helen at the beginning of the novel?