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What type of cancer did Henrietta Lacks have?

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Why did Henrietta need to go 20 miles to Hopkins University to have her cervix examined?

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What job did Henrietta’s family do in Clover?

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On the form Henrietta signed before she began her cancer treatment, what did she authorize the hospital to do?

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What did Sadie and Henrietta like to do when Day worked nights?

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What happened to Elsie after Zakariyya was born?

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What did Pattillo ask Skloot about when she asked him to put her in contact with the Lacks family?

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What made Mary Kubicek first think about HeLa cells as coming from a human?

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Who protected the Lacks children from Ethel and Galen’s abuse?

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What made school difficult for Deborah?

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How did Stanley Garter discover that HeLa cells were contaminating other samples?

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What does Bobette believe about Johns Hopkins hospital?

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What did the three Jewish doctors argue Southam’s research violated?

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What does Howard Jones discover about Henrietta’s cancer when he was working on his article about George Gey?

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How did the Lacks family learn that Henrietta’s cells were alive?

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Why did the Lacks children think doctors at Hopkins needed to take a blood sample from them?

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What did information did Michael Gold’s book, Conspiracy of Cells , have that the Lacks family hadn’t seen?

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What does Deborah make Skloot promise while working on the book?

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What did Courtney Speed want to establish in Turner Station?

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What memento of Henrietta was Deborah afraid someone would try to take from her?

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What does Lengauer say that shocks Deborah?

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What do Skloot and Deborah find at Crownsville hospital?

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What did Gary try to relieve Deborah of in his soul-cleansing ceremony?

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What does Gary say HeLa cells are?

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What are the two major issues in the current tissue research debate?