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Who gave Joe the last name "Trace"?

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Who went with Violet to Palestine?

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What kind of tree did Joe sleep in?

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In what month did Joe officially meet Dorcas?

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What was Violet's nickname?

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In what year did the St. Louis riots take place?

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What phrase did Violet's parrot repeat?

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What other crazy thing was Violet known for?

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According to Joe, how many times has he "reinvented" himself?

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What is the name of the nightclub where Dorcas and Joe meet?

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Where did Joe work before selling cosmetics?

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How much did Malvonne charge Joe for the use of a room?

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For how long does Joe and Dorcas's love affair last?

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Who gave Wild her name?

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What did Alice Manfred keep stacked in her room?

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Who helps Henry LesTroy deliver Wild's baby?

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Where do Joe and Violet head before New York?

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Where does Joe first see Dorcas?

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What character has two different-colored eyes?

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How does Dorcas's mother die?

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What does Felice loan to Dorcas?

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How many times does Joe look for his mother?

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Who did Joe tell about Dorcas?

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What helped make Violet's new bird healthy?

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Who threw herself into a well?