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Jude the Obscure

Thomas Hardy


Jude Fawley -  A young man from Marygreen who dreams of studying at Christminster but becomes a stone mason instead.
Susanna Bridehead  -  Jude's cousin. She is unconventional in her beliefs and education, but marries the schoolmaster Richard Phillotson.
Arabella Donn -  Jude's first wife. She enjoys spending time in bars and in the company of men.
Aunt Drusilla  -  The relative who raised Jude.
Richard Phillotson  -  The schoolmaster who first introduces Jude to the idea of studying at the university. He later marries Sue.
Little Father Time (Little Jude)  -  Jude and Arabella's son, raised in Australia by Arabella's parents. He is said to have the mind of an old man, though he is a young child.

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