Full Title  Kidnapped

Author Robert Louis Stevenson

Type of Work Novel

Genre Adventure

Language English (Scots)

Time and place written Scotland, U.K.

Date of First Publication 1886

Publisher Cassell

Narrator David Balfour (1st person narration)

Climax The climax occurs when the friendship between David and Alan reaches its greatest point of crisis, and is resolved by David's near-death fainting spell.

Protagonist(s) David Balfour

Antagonist Ebenezer Balfour

Setting (time) 1751

Setting (place) Scotland

Point of View First person narration

Falling Action David tricks his uncle Ebenezer, defeating him, and finally comes into his inheritance.

Tense Immediate past; that is, real-time narration

Foreshadowing None

Tone  Kidnapped is primarily an adventure novel. It maintains a breathless pace, full of movement and action, as David and Alan flee across Scotland.

Themes Loyalty and friendship; honor; diversity of ethics

Motifs Jacobites vs. Whigs; Highland life vs. Lowland life; inheritance; fleeing

Symbols Alan's silver button; the ship Covenant; Alan's illness after the visit with Cluny Macpherson