Chapter 10: The Siege of the Round-House

Captain Hoseason enters the Round-House to discover Alan and David prepared for battle. A few moments later, the battle begins as the Captain and his men attack Alan, while David guards the rear of the Round-House. Several men attempt to break the rear door down with a battle-ram; David fires at them in response, wounding the Captain in the arm.

Meanwhile, Alan has killed Mr. Shuan, and one other sailor. As they wait for the second attack, David tries to hold back his fear. The second attack arrives, and Alan kills several more sailors, while David shoots two attackers that come in through the skylight. Alan finishes off his attackers at the main door, and the battle ends with the victory of Alan and David.

Alan is quite pleased with his accomplishments, and makes up a Gaelic song about the battle, which does not mention David at all. They take turns at the watch, awaiting negotiations from the Captain.

Chapter 11: The Captain Knuckles Under

Alan and David are now in control of the Round-House, which has most of the food and all of the liquor. Alan seems certain that the Captain and his first mate Riach will surrender soon, primarily due to their lack of alcohol.

In honor of David's brave performance, and for saving Alan's life, Alan cuts a silver button off his jacket and gives it to David, telling him that "wherever ye go and show that button, the friends of Alan Breck will come around you."

Riach hails the two men and speaks to David. The Captain is now willing to negotiate ("parley"). Before he leaves, Riach begs for some brandy, and they give him a little.