1. Why does Lena leave her brother’s house?

2. Who first sees Lena along the road in the novel?

3. How does Reverend Hightower’s wife die?

4. How do Joe Brown and Joe Christmas earn a living after quitting at the mill?

5. What is revealed about Joe Christmas after the fire at the Burden house?

6. What does young Joe Christmas steal from dietician’s room at the orphanage?

7. What does Joe Christmas do when he finds out that Bobbie Allen is a prostitute?

8. What does Joe Christmas purchase with the money from selling the heifer his father gave him?

9. How does Joe Christmas kill his father at the school dance?

10. Where does Joe first meet Miss Burden?

11. Where is Miss Burden’s family from?

12. What is Miss Burden’s first name?

13. How does Miss Burden try to help Joe Christmas?

14. Where does Lena decide to live?

15. Where is Joe Christmas captured?

16. When is Mr. Hines is arrested?

17. Which of the following is true of Joe Christmas’s biological father?

18. Who does the janitor at the orphanage turn out to be?

19. After Joe’s arrest, what does Byron ask Hightower to do?

20. After Lena gives birth, what does Hightower ask her to do?

21. What does Joe Brown do after his reunion with Lena?

22. What happens after Joe Christmas escapes?

23. What does Percy Grimm do after he kills Joe Christmas?

24. Why did Hightower want to come to Jefferson in the first place?

25. What do Byron and Lena do at the novel’s conclusion?