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The Crying of Lot 49

Full Book Quiz

Further study Full Book Quiz

1. In what play does Oedipa first hear the mention of "Tristero"?

2. Oedipa's husband is:

3. Oedipa's ex-boyfriend who died just before the novel begins is:

4. The sign of the Tristero is:

5. Mike Fallopian is a member of the:

6. Oedipa lives with her husband in a town called:

7. The man at the auction who bids on lot 49 is:

8. The hippie band that appears frequently in the novel is called:

9. Manny di Presso's client sold Pierce Inverarity what good?

10. Dr. Hilarius is trying to develop:

11. The fictional machine mentioned in the novel that defies the second law of thermodynamics is called:

12. Other novels by Thomas Pynchon include:

13. Genghis Cohen is a:

14. W.A.S.T.E. stands for:

15. Oedipa delivers the old man's letter to:

16. How does Oedipa hear of Pierce's death?

17. When Oedipa goes to see Dr. Hilarius at the end of chapter five, he:

18. Explicitly, Lot 49 is:

19. The chemical manufacturing plant Oedipa visits is:

20. The professor who helps Oedipa solve some of the Tristero story in chapter six is:

21. Oedipa visits John Nefastis to find out if she is:

22. The Nefastis Machine is a special type of:

23. As a youth, Metzger appeared in films under the name of:

24. Tristero was a man who:

25. In the end of the novel, Oedipa:

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