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What does Dixon think of in the bathroom of the Oak Lounge when he is there with Margaret?

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What issue do Bertrand and Dixon argue over when they first meet?

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Why does Dixon leave the Welches' weekend party even sooner than he'd initially planned?

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What does Professor Welch call Dixon into his office to tell him after the weekend party?

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Why doesn't Christine want to telephone the Welch house and ask about Bertrand's whereabouts?

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Who does Dixon pretend to be on the phone with Mrs. Welch and Bertrand?

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How does Gore-Urquhart impress Dixon at the Summer Ball?

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Who urges Dixon to make a move for Christine at the Summer Ball?

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From whom does Dixon steal a taxi?

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What does Christine give Dixon before he leaves her at the Welches?

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Why does Dixon mail Johns a threatening letter?

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Who comes into Dixon's room after Dixon has had a fight with Bertrand?

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After he imitates Professor Welch and the Principal, what speech pattern does Dixon adopt during his "Merrie England" lecture?