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In which state is Gopher Prairie located?

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What is Will Kennicott's occupation?

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What is Carol's occupation in St. Paul?

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What is Carol's first impression of Gopher Prairie?

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What is the Jolly Seventeen?

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In which time period does novel take place?

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What is Vida Serwin's occupation?

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Which people become Carol's closest friends in Gopher Prairie?

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What is Carol reaction to the countryside?

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Sinclair Lewis was the first American to be awarded what prize?

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Which deceased family member does Carol often think about?

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How do the townspeople react to Carol's reform efforts?

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What is Bea Sorenson's occupation?

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What is Erik Valborg's nickname?

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Whom does Carol NOT admire or allow herself to fall in love with?

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Why do the townspeople drive Fern Mullins out of town?

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With whom does Will Kennicott begin an affair?

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When Carol leaves Gopher Prairie, where does she move?

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On whom did Lewis base the character of Will Kennicott?

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On whom did Lewis base the character of Carol Kennicott?

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Which historical event takes place during the second half of the novel?

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What literary technique does Lewis use throughout the novel?

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What was Sinclair Lewis's hometown?

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To which author have many critics have compared Sinclair Lewis?

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In which decade did Lewis write his greatest novels?