1. What does Jeanne imagine hatred looks like?

2. What aspect of camp life does Mama find particularly hard to tolerate?

3. To what social class in Japan does Papa’s family belong?

4. What was the center of Wakatsuki family life before the war?

5. What Japanese word means both “dog” and “collaborator”?

6. What does Kiyo do to stop Papa from striking Mama?

7. What do the Wakatsukis discover when they wake up the first morning in camp?

8. Of what does the interrogator accuse Papa?

9. What is the name of Bill’s band?

10. What does the girl of Jeanne’s dream look like?

11. What impresses Woody most about Aunt Toyo?

12. Why did Papa leave Japan?

13. What position in the high school band is Jeanne excluded from because she is Japanese?

14. Where does Jeanne watch her parents make up after a long period of arguments?

15. Where does Jeanne say her life began?

16. What is the cause of the December Riot?

17. Whose Supreme Court case results in the closing of the camps?

18. What memory of Papa does Jeanne recall during her visit to Manzanar?

19. What is the subject of the Japanese anthem, Kimi ga yo?

20. What is Jeanne’s first experience with prejudice after returning from Manzanar?

21. How long did Jeanne stay at Manzanar?

22. What does Jeanne hear when she visits the site of the Manzanar camp in 1972?

23. What photograph appears in the final edition of the Manzanar High School yearbook?

24. What does Mama do when the secondhand dealer offers her too little money for her china?

25. How does Jeanne dress for the carnival queen election assembly?