1. Creon and Glauce die by:

2. Aegeus is king of:

3. Colchis is:

4. The play opens with:

5. Jason immediately became King of Corinth after he married Glauce, TRUE or FALSE:

6. Medea's divine ancestor is:

7. The chorus is composed of:

8. Glauce is NOT:

9. Medea's chosen profession is:

10. Medea has a reputation for being clever, TRUE or FALSE:

11. Medea's first words in the play are:

12. Jason earned fame as an adventurer by:

13. Medea first reveals her plans to kill her children AFTER:

14. The action of the play takes place over the course of (a):

15. Medea herself brings the coronet and dress to Glauce, TRUE OR FALSE:

16. Medea makes her escape on a:

17. The play is set in:

18. Medea is sentenced by Creon to:

19. The chorus supports Medea in all her decisions, TRUE or FALSE:

20. Jason learns of his children's death from:

21. Jason admits he should have never divorced Medea AFTER:

22. Jason seeks to murder Medea after he learns of his children's death, TRUE or FALSE?

23. Aegeus sought from the Oracle at Delphi:

24. Medea is responsible for the death of all of the following, EXCEPT:

25. Medea reacts negatively to the news her children have been reprieved from banishment, TRUE or FALSE:

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