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1What does Gregor Samsa do for a living?

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2Where does all of the action of the story take place?

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3What kind of creature has Gregor become?

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4What does the picture on Gregor’s wall depict?

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5Why has Gregor stayed in his job?

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6What does the office manager accuse Gregor of?

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7Why does it take Gregor so long to answer the door when the office manager arrives?

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8How does the office manager react when he sees Gregor?

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9How does Gregor react to the milk and bread in his rooom?

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10Where does Gregor feel most comfortable?

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11How does the mother react when she sees Gregor?

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12Who is Gregor’s primary caretaker?

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13What was Gregor’s dream for Grete?

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14How does Gregor feel when he learns that the family will need to work?

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15What does Gregor do to spare Grete’s feelings when she is in his room?

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16Why does Grete want to remove Gregor’s furniture from his room?

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17What does Gregor try to prevent from being taken from his room?

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18Why doesn’t Grete want others to help her take care of Gregor?

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19How does the father react when he thinks Gregor attacked the mother?

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20What serious injury does Gregor sustain?

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21Who takes care of Gregor when Grete begins to lose interest?

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22What small concession does the family make to Gregor after the father injures him?

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23How does Gregor react when he hears Grete’s violin?

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24How does Gregor die?

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25How does the family feel after Gregor dies?