Part 1

Gregor Samsa, a traveling salesman, wakes up and discovers he has become a giant bug. When he doesn’t show up for work, his manager goes to his house and, with his family, insists that Gregor unlock his bedroom door. With great effort, Gregor manages to leave his room but, unable to communicate, just scares his mother and his manager, and is forced back and locked into his room by his father.

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Part 2

Gregor is kept in his room, cared for by his young sister, Grete, while his family tries to live without his income. Months later, Grete and their mother start removing some furniture from Gregor’s room to give him more space. When Gregor tries to protect a picture he wants to keep, his mother sees him and faints. He escapes to the parlor but is driven back by his father throwing apples at him.

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Part 3

Injured and unable to sleep or eat, Gregor becomes weak. His family, exhausted by their jobs and boarders, stops caring for him. One evening, the boarders see Gregor in the parlor and they storm out, refusing to pay their rent. The family bemoans Gregor’s effect on their life. Gregor sadly goes back to his room and dies. After finding Gregor’s body the next day, his family evicts the boarders, fires the cleaner, and takes a day off in the country, happily making plans for the future.

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