Is Jupiter justified in destroying the world with a flood? Why or why not?

Compare and contrast the two wedding brawls in the Metamorphoses: the one at the wedding of Perseus and Andromeda in Book V and the one at the wedding of Pirithous and Hippodame in Book XII. Are these epic battles? What is their importance to the narrative?

In Book VIII, how does Daedalus succeed as an artist? How does he fail?

Compare the soliloquies of Medea (VII.11–71), Scylla (VIII.44–80), Byblis (IX.487–516), Myrrha (X.320–355), and Atalanta (X.611–635). Does Ovid invite us to form opinions about each character’s morals?

Compare and contrast the love triangle in Book XIII between Acis, Galatea, and Polyphemus with the one in Book XIV between Scylla, Glaucus, and Circe.