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What animal does Jupiter turn Lycaon into as punishment for his impiety?

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What are the names of the sole survivors of the flood?

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When she is in the form of a cow, how does Io communicate with her father, Inachus?

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What is Callisto’s final transformed state?

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What guise does Jupiter assume to seduce Europa?

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What does Cadmus bury to produce the first Thebans?

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Why is Actaeon punished?

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How does Pentheus die?

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Why do Pyramus and Thisbe decide to run away?

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How does Perseus kill Phineus?

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Which Muse sings against the Pierid sister?

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For whom does Ceres look?

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Which kinds of scenes dominate Arachne’s tapestry?

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How does Tereus mutilate Philomela?

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What is Tereus’s last supper?

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How does Procris die?

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When Jupiter promised them anything, what did Baucis and Philemon ask for?

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Whom does Byblis love in an erotic sense?

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What god or goddess turns Iphis into a man?

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With whom does Cinyras sleep?

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What transformation does Midas experience?

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Who brings the dead Ceyx back to his loving wife, Alcyone?

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What do Ajax and Ulysses vie for?

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What does Circe turn Ulysses’ men into?

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What does Pythagoras advise people to avoid eating?