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Which of these reasons is not one of Mr. Tulliver's reasons for sending Tom on for more education?

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What does Mr. Tulliver seek Mr. Riley's advice about?

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What book does Maggie show Mr. Riley that she is reading?

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Why does Tom first get angry at Maggie when he comes home from school in Book First?

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Why does Tom break off his friendship with Bob Jakin?

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What impulsive action does Maggie take during the visit of her aunts and uncles in Book First?

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What do Mrs. Glegg and Mr. Tulliver have a disagreement over?

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Why does Mr. Tulliver ultimately decide not to press his sister for the money she owes him?

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What are Maggie's intentions towards the gypsies?

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What was St. Ogg's profession?

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Who insists upon the repayment of the 500 pounds between Mr. Tulliver and Mrs. Glegg?

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Who is Tom's only playmate during his first term with Mr. Stelling?

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Why is Christmas dreary after Tom's first term with Mr. Stelling?

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How does Philip Wakem first win Tom's respect?

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What feature of Maggie's draws Philip to her?

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What is Philip's first thought when Tom drops a sword on his own foot?

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With whom does Maggie go to boarding school?

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What is Mr. Tulliver reading when he has a stroke?

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Why does Maggie become angry at her aunts and uncles during her father's illness?

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What causes Lawyer Wakem to buy the mill?

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What does Mr. Tulliver make Tom write in the family Bible?

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How does Tom manage to pay off the family debt?

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What is Stephen Guest's relationship to Lucy Deane?

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What is the significance of Maggie's sewing?

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Why does Maggie become angry when Stephen kisses her arm at the dance?

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Which of the following is not a reason that Maggie decides to leave Stephen in Mudport and return to St. Ogg's?