1. Why does Bigger attack Gus when they meet up to rob Blum’s delicatessen?

2. Why does Bigger hate his family?

3. Who hires Bigger as a chauffeur?

4. Why does Bigger kill Mary?

5. Who is Mr. Dalton?

6. Why does Bigger kill Bessie?

7. Why do Mary’s parents disapprove of her relationship with Jan?

8. Who is Britten?

9. From what handicap does Mrs. Dalton suffer?

10. Which of the following describes Max?

11. Who is Buckley?

12. How does Bigger react to Mary’s unreserved behavior toward him?

13. Why is Bigger alone with Mary in her bedroom the night he kills her?

14. Why does Buckley rush Bigger’s trial?

15. How does Bigger’s mother cope with her misery?

16. What is the first violent act Bigger commits during the novel?

17. What does Buddy think about Bigger’s job with the Daltons?

18. What does Bigger do with Mary’s body?

19. Where does Bigger first see Mary Dalton?

20. Why does Bigger not flee Chicago after Mary’s bones are discovered?

21. What happened to Bigger’s father?

22. What famous court cases parallel Bigger’s trial?

23. To which literary genre does Native Son belong?

24. Why are rents on the South Side higher than in other Chicago neighborhoods?

25. Who is the author of Native Son?