As an orphan given the chance at a different life, Marco is initially driven entirely by his desire to win the challenge. The man in the grey suit is the only parental figure he has ever known, and his dedication to his studies and winning the challenge are in part motivated by his desire to please him. Marco is meticulous and careful in nearly everything he does, but he has a major blind spot for the ways that his actions can impact other people. He leads Isobel to think that they are in love for years after he falls for Celia, and he unknowingly causes Chandresh to become paranoid and forgetful because he uses too many memory charms on him. Marco’s motivations change when he meets Celia, and his fascination with her transforms into forbidden love. He builds incredible feats of magic for Celia, and it’s his feelings for her that finally make him turn his back on the man in the grey suit. By the end of the novel, he is entirely devoted to Celia and he gives up his chance at winning the challenge to keep her safe.