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From where is Obi Okonkwo originally?

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What religion is Obi's family?

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What did Obi obtain a scholarship to study?

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To what did Obi change his course of study?

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Where does Obi go to college?

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For what offense is Obi being tried?

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How do we know Obi was nostalgic for Nigeria while in England?

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Where did Clara and Obi meet?

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What is Clara's occupation?

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What kind of work does Obi obtain once back in Nigeria?

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Who is Mr. Green?

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Why does Clara say she cannot marry Obi?

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What does Obi's mother say she will do if Obi marries Clara?

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What does Clara have to tell Obi when they break up for the last time?

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What are the terms of the scholarship given to Obi?

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How much extra time does Obi get to begin to pay back the scholarship loan?

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How does Obi feel about bribery when he is first given his position?

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When does Obi get caught taking bribes?

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How is Obi's financial situation?

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What does it mean to be an "Old African" to Obi?

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Who is Mrs. Marie Tomlinson?

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For whom does Mr. Green pay for schooling?

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How old is Obi?

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How does everything end with Clara?

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Who was Miss Mark?