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How old is Catherine?

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Who is Mrs. Allen?

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What novel does Catherine read while she's in Bath?

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What does Catherine suspect General Tilney of doing?

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What does Catherine find inside the mysterious cabinet in her room in Northanger Abbey?

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Where is Henry's other home and parsonage, away from Northanger Abbey?

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What does Catherine plan to do with Henry and Eleanor Tilney until John Thorpe makes her join him for a ride in his carriage?

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Who does Eleanor marry at the end of the novel?

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Who causes the break-up between James and Isabella?

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How old is Henry Tilney?

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Who tells General Tilney that Catherine is very wealthy, then later tells him she is very poor?

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What is narration does Austen uses in her novels?

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Which one of these people is the wealthiest?

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What does Catherine find of interest in the late Mrs. Tilney's room?

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Where does Catherine meet Henry?

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Where does the novel's conclusion take place (primarily)?