1. The narrator learns about Christian from

2. Pliable turns back to the City of Destruction after a bad experience in

3. After seeing the cross and climbing the hill of Difficulty, Christian falls asleep and loses

4. Discretion, Piety, Charity, and Prudence are

5. Apollyon’s skin is covered with

6. The Giants Pope and Pagan present no danger to Christian because

7. Faithful is

8. Christian is imprisoned at Vanity for

9. At the trial in Vanity, Faithful

10. Demas tempts Christian with

11. Christian is able to escape from the Doubting Castle because

12. In the Delectable Mountains, Christian is entertained by

13. Just before arriving in the Celestial City, Christian nearly dies in

14. Beulah is

15. The streets of the Celestial City are paved with

16. Mercy is

17. The garden from which Christiana’s sons steal fruit belongs to

18. Mr. Brisk spends time with the pilgrims in order to

19. The pilgrims kill Giant Good-slay just in time to save

20. Ready-to-halt is

21. Gaius’s two daughters

22. The pilgrims Heedless and Too-bold are met when they are

23. After he is killed, Giant Despair’s castle

24. Standfast shows admirable courage in resisting

25. In the Celestial City Christiana learns that she will go to meet her Master