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What historical slaughter did Nathan avoid by chance?

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To whom does Orleanna address her narrative?

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Which of the following best describes Leah's attitude toward her father at the start of the book?

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What does bangala mean in Lingala?

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What is the first piece of Mama Mwanza's advice that Nathan ignores?

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What gift does Nelson give to Ruth May when she falls sick with malaria?

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What does Ruth May choose as her "safe place"?

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Which of the four sisters never spies on Eeben Axelroot?

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When does Orleanna appear to give up on life?

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What does Ruth May notice on the way to Stanleyville?

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Why does Nathan become enraged with Anatole?

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What decision-making procedure do the Congolese traditionally favor?

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Which of the following best describes Brother Fowles version of Christianity?

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What does Axelroot confide to Rachel after he kisses her?

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What one object does Rachel bring with her when the Prices flee the fire ants?

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Which of the following does not happen to Leah on the night of the fire ants?

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Which of the following events makes Adah feel that she has been abandoned?

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Which of the following most angers Tata Kuvundu?

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Who is responsible for placing the green mamba snake in the chicken coop?

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How do the girls catch the culprit?

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When does Nathan finally baptize the children of Kilanga?

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Why does Leah choose to remain in the Congo?

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What activity does Orleanna take up back in Georgia?

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What profession does Adah take on?

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What is Ruth May's final message to her mother?