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In what city do the Youngers live?

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From whom are the Youngers awaiting a check?

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What does Ruth find out when she goes to the doctor?

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What does Walter’s employer call to say?

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What do the Youngers give Mama on the day they move?

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What does Beneatha want to be?

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What does Karl Lindner want the Youngers to do?

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Which country does Joseph Asagai come from?

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When he is fooling around with Beneatha, what does Walter call himself?

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Who is the Youngers’ next-door neighbor?

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Where does Mama keep her plant?

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Where does Travis sleep?

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What does Ruth buy in her excitement about the Youngers’ new home?

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What does Ruth tell Walter to do when he complains incessantly about his life?

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Where do Ruth and Walter go when they are becoming more hopeful about the future?

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In what year was A Raisin in the Sun first performed?

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What does Ruth consider when she finds out that she is pregnant?

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Why do Ruth and Mama approve of George Murchison?

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Who is the last to leave the Younger apartment at the end of the play?

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Whom does Mrs. Johnson quote when she visits the Youngers’ apartment?

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At what point does Mama say that Walter has finally achieved his “manhood”?

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What happens to the money that Walter invests in the liquor store?

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Near the end of the play, what does Asagai leave Beneatha to think about?

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What does Travis do to make money?

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Where does Walter often go to escape the apartment?