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What does the name "Manderley" denote?

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What is the name of Rebecca's heroine?

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In what capacity does the heroine work for Mrs. Van Hopper?

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Where does the heroine first meet Maxim de Winter?

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What was the name of Maxim's first wife?

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What is the name of the housekeeper at Manderley?

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What is the name of Maxim's sister?

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In which wing of Manderley was Rebecca's bedroom?

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Who is Ben?

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What is the name of one of Maxim's dogs?

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What is Jack Favell's relationship to Rebecca?

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How does the heroine dress at Manderley's costume ball?

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Who suggests her costume at the party?

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At one point in the book, Mrs. Danvers urges the heroine to jump from the window. What interrupts the scene?

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What is the name of the butler at Manderley?

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What does everyone believe was the cause of Rebecca's death?

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How did Rebecca really die?

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The night she died, what did Rebecca tell Maxim?

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The coroner's verdict, after Rebecca's body turns up, is that she died:

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Of what does Favell accuse Maxim of having done?

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Whom does Favell try to get to testify against Maxim?

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Where do Maxim and the heroine first encounter the name "Baker"?

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What does Dr. Baker reveal?

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What else does the doctor reveal?

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When Maxim and the heroine drive home from London, what do they find?