1. With which regiment does Henry fight?

2. On which battle is The Red Badge of Courage loosely based?

3. Who is the spectral soldier?

4. Who is the loud private?

5. How does Henry receive his wound?

6. What do most of the men think about the Union leadership?

7. How does Henry come to be regarded as a hero in the regiment’s first charge?

8. In what year was The Red Badge of Courage published?

9. Which man does Henry abandon in the woods?

10. Why does Henry hesitate before returning to the regiment after he flees?

11. Who first brings the rumor that the army will move?

12. How many prisoners do the men capture after taking the fence?

13. How old was Stephen Crane when he died?

14. Who takes the flag from the enemy soldiers?

15. What does the young lieutenant do during battles?

16. After Henry’s fighting during the battle in the woods, what animal does Henry’s lieutenant compare him to?

17. On which side does Henry fight?

18. Who kills Henry at the end of the book?

19. How did Henry’s mother feel about his enlistment?

20. Where did Crane serve as a soldier before writing The Red Badge of Courage?

21. With what animal does Henry have an encounter in the forest that helps him justify his decision to flee battle?

22. What term does Henry use to describe his regiment when he fears that it will never see battle and is only for show?

23. What must a soldier do in order to win “a red badge of courage?”

24. After Henry flees from battle, what does he fear most?

25. What does Wilson ask Henry to deliver to his family, should he die in battle?