The Red Tent

by: Anita Diamant

Suggested Essay Topics

Writing help Suggested Essay Topics

Childbirth and childbearing are paramount in The Red Tent. Discuss the importance of childbearing in the female characters’ lives.

The novel follows Dinah from childhood to old age. How does she change and mature, and what lessons does she learn from life?

Female relationships are prevalent in The Red Tent. Discuss the importance of Inna, Werenro, and Meryt.

There is no historical account of whether Dinah ever had children. Diamant gives her a son. Why do you think she chose not to give Dinah a daughter?

While the red tent has been a custom of various peoples in the world, it was not used by Dinah’s people in her time. Why does Diamant make it a prominent feature of her account of Dinah’s life?