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What is the woman’s name that inspires Rachel to become a midwife?

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What is Jacob’s twin brother’s name?

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How many brothers does Dinah have?

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When do women visit the red tent?

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Which is a signature midwife tool?

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Which sister is the most spiritual and the most attached to her gods?

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Which is not one of Laban’s children?

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Who does Dinah play with most as she grows up?

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Which of Dinah’s brothers does she consider the cruelest?

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Why does Jacob take his family away from Laban and their home?

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What happens to Jacob along the journey to Canaan?

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Who is Rebecca?

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What happens to Werenro?

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When happens at Dinah’s first menstruation?

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What happens to Tabea?

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How does Dinah meet Shalem?

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What is the name of the woman who delivers Dinah’s son and becomes her closest friend?

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Where does Dinah first meet Benia?

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How does Dinah recognize Werenro when they are reunited?

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How do Dinah and Benia end up together?

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How does Dinah learn that Joseph is alive and vizier to the king?

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Who recognizes her when she goes with Joseph to see Jacob?

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What does Leah leave her?

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How many children does Dinah have?

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Why does Dinah tell her story?