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What does Burns find when he leaves Craiglockhart in the pouring rain?

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Why does Sassoon write a letter defying military authority and refusing to fight in the war?

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Which character asks Sassoon to autograph copies of a book for him?

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Where does Prior take Sarah Lumb after they have gone drinking on their first date?

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What method finally helps Prior to remember why he had a nervous breakdown?

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Rivers believes the experience of his patients parallels that of which group?

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What is the name of the literary magazine that Wilfred Owen edits at Craiglockhart?

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Why does Rivers leave for a three-week vacation?

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What piece of news does Graves tell Sassoon in the bar that upsets Sassoon?

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What gift does Sassoon give Owen before he says goodbye?

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What is the title of the book that Sassoon completes at the end of the novel?