1. What town is Lily originally from?

2. What does Lily call her father?

3. How did Lily’s mother die?

4. Who is Lily’s best friend at school?

5. What convinces Lily to leave home?

6. What fruit does Lily’s father sell?

7. Where does Lily tell August she and Rosaleen are headed?

8. Who does August live with?

9. What color is the Boatwright house?

10. Why is the Boatwright house painted this color?

11. What does June do with her time?

12. Who is August’s husband?

13. What does Lily tell people her surname is?

14. What does Lily love?

15. Why is Zach arrested?

16. What does Zach want to be when he grows up?

17. Where does Lily stay at the Boatwright farm?

18. How does Lily contact her father from Tiburon?

19. How does May commit suicide?

20. What causes August to call Lily “a true beekeeper”?

21. What does Lily remember best about her mother?

22. Where does May go when she is sad?

23. What is the relationship between Neil and June?

24. Who tells Lily’s father where she is?

25. Where does Lily go at the end of the novel?