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When Frédéric first sees Madame Arnoux, where is he going?

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What is the name of Madame Arnoux’s daughter?

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What happens to Frédéric’s son?

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What form does Pellerin’s art ultimately take?

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How many women does Frédéric swear to love?

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Which of Madame Arnoux’s features shocks Frédéric at the end of the novel?

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Which, if any, of Frédéric’s lovers does Deslauriers successfully marry?

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What woman do Frédéric and Arnoux share sexually?

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Why does Frédéric duel with Cisy?

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What two portraits does Frédéric commission from Pellerin?

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Why does Madame Arnoux fail to meet Frédéric on the Tuesday they have planned to walk together?

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How many women ask Frédéric to marry them?

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What ultimately happens to Dussardier?

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Why is Rosanette called the Marshal?

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Why does Frédéric pursue Madame Dambreuse so feverishly?

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What is Monsieur Dambreuse’s relationship with Cecile?

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When Frédéric first tries to woo Rosanette, whom does she choose instead?

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What kind of factory does Arnoux run?

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Why happens that prevents Frédéric from standing for election to the Assembly for a second time?

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What is Mademoiselle Vatnaz’s view of marriage?

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What two men try to marry Cecile?

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What surprises Madame Dambreuse after her husband dies?

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What happens at the duel between Frédéric and Cisy?

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After the fall of the monarchy, what do the bourgeoisie fear losing?

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What does Frédéric consider the best time of his life?