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Quotes Important Quotes Explained

Again, like hens laying eggs, we leave our prayers and hopes for Phulan's sons at the head of the shrine. For the first time, I feel a communion with the saint; his presence is like a soothing hand on my shoulder. Before Auntie nudges me to move along, I pray for wisdom, and my anger with Dadi eases.

While at Channan Pir, praying for Phulan's marriage, Shabanu experiences this brief moment of peace. It anticipates the deeper reconciliation she will make with her father and her fate later in the book. At this moment, Shabanu draws strength from her religion and her heritage: she communes with the saint beatified for a life of simplicity and kindness, and she realizes, momentarily, the strength and freedom that come from accepting one's life uncomplainingly and forgiving those who anger you.