Young adult, Fiction, Old West Fiction


Bob Starrett

Point of view 

First person, reflecting the point of view of Bob Starrett


Grave; serious; stoic.



Setting (time) 

The book begins in the summer of 1889 and continues the next year.

Setting (place) 

The Starrett's farm in the wilderness of Wyoming


Shane; Joe Starrett

Major conflict 

The Starretts' refusal to sell their land to Fletcher and the resulting confrontation with Fletcher and his men

Rising action 

Shane's decision to ride into town to take care of Chris after realizing that his decision not to fight was plaguing all of the homesteaders, especially Joe


The fight in which Fletcher's men gang up against Shane; some also consider the fight between Shane and Stark Wilson as the climax.

Falling action 

After the fight with Wilson, Shane's brief conversation with Bob about having to leave because killing "marks" a man, no matter the circumstances


Bob uncovering Shane's particularly dangerous looking gun; Shane's many predictions about Fletcher's tactics—such as predicting that Fletcher would goad Ernie and then Joe; Joe and Shane's unending wariness