1. What is Shane's last name?

2. What is it about Shane's appearance that Bob first notices as he rides into the valley?

3. Why does Joe Starrett insist that Shane stay a second day?

4. Even after Shane has bought new clothes, there is something startling about his appearance. What is it?

5. What event seals the bond between Shane and Joe?

6. Why is there a problem between the Starretts and Fletcher?

7. What do the other farmers think of Shane?

8. What is the occasion for Shane finishing up the clearing of the alfalfa field?

9. When Shane and Chris have their first confrontation, what two things does Chris tease Shane about?

10. How does the situation with Chris become resolved?

11. What is the relationship between Marian and Shane?

12. How does Bob know that Shane is good with a gun?

13. Why does Fletcher get Stark Wilson?

14. How does the reader know that Shane was planning on leaving after his final confrontation with Fletcher and Wilson?

15. Why does Shane knock Joe unconscious before confronting Wilson and Fletcher?

16. Why does Fletcher offer to hire Joe and Shane?

17. Why does Shane leave after killing Fletcher and Wilson?

18. What is it about Fletcher's proposal that makes Joe and Shane so angry?

19. Why does Joe want to leave the farm after Shane is gone?

20. How does Marian convince Joe to stay?

21. What is Shane's policy on fighting others?

22. What does Joe mean when he says that Shane is the safest man they could have around?

23. Why is Marian worried about Shane after the problems with Fletcher surface?

24. How many days did it take Shane and Joe to uproot the old stump?