Montana Wildhack is a 20-year-old adult film actress who is also abducted by the Tralfamadorians, and she is coupled with Billy in the zoo on their home planet. Montana comes to “love and trust” Billy after a short time in the zoo together, and they begin a sexual relationship. She becomes pregnant, and they live a blissful life on Tralfamadore. On Earth, Billy often comes across photos of Montana in erotic magazines. Due to her abduction, Montana is missing, and many believe she’s accidentally drowned. However, Billy knows that she’s happily spending her days on Tralfamadore.

While it’s possible that Billy has made up Tralfamadore and his abduction, Montana is certainly a real person, not a figment of Billy’s imagination. However, should Tralfamadore not be real, it seems likely that Billy has combined his fantasy of alien abduction with a fantasy of having a relationship with an actress he covets. Billy’s life is far from satisfying – not only is he plagued by the trauma of war, his home life and marriage are mundane and unfulfilling. But Billy’s time on Tralfamadore is a wonderful escape. Unlike his captivity in Germany, which was violent and horrific, his captivity on Tralfamadore is gentle and utopian, even comically so. Montana represents the ultimate male fantasy; not only is she young and attractive, but she’s also a sexually experienced porn star. She’s happy to stay in the Tralfamadorian zoo and take care of their baby while Billy leaves the planet and returns to New York. Through Montana, Vonnegut satirizes domestic relationships, pointing out that Billy’s idea of a perfect home life is having a beautiful woman and a happy baby that he barely interacts with.