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What do the Tralfamadorians resemble?

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Where is Billy Pilgrim from?

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Of how many dimensions are Tralfamadorians aware?

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Who lends Billy his science-fiction books?

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To whom does Vonnegut make the promise that he will call his book The Children’s Crusade?

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Following which event is Billy taken prisoner?

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Why do the Tralfamadorians compare Billy to a bug trapped in amber?

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Whom should one ask for when one is in Cody, Wyoming, according to the novel?

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In what city does Kurt Vonnegut work for General Electric?

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How many children does Billy have with his wife?

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Which of the following is the title of a Kilgore Trout novel?

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What single event in the war makes Billy cry?

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In what year does Billy die?

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Where do Billy and Valencia go on their honeymoon?

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Where does the author show up at the POW camp?

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What is Edgar Derby tried and executed for stealing?

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Which of the following happens to Billy for the first time in Dresden?

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Why did Valencia think that no one would marry her?

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What does Billy’s doctor prescribe to help him sleep?

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Why is it ironic that the Serenity Prayer hangs in Billy’s office?

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How does Bertram Copeland Rumfoord respond to Billy’s claim that he was in Dresden at the time of the firebombing?

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What is inscribed in Montana Wildhack’s silver locket?

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In what format are Tralfamadorian books composed?

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On which U.S. city does Billy say China will drop a hydrogen bomb in 1976?

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What question does Billy ask the aliens when he is abducted?