Albert Knag is Hilde's father. He has the creative genius to write a book in which his characters become aware of their role as characters in the book. What's more, he carries on direct interaction with those characters even though they are simply figments of his own imagination. Perhaps it was Albert Knag's brilliant construction of Sophie and Alberto that allowed them to gain some sort of an existence for themselves. He created Alberto very much in his own image. Albert Knag is a philosopher first and foremost. His book about philosophy is a gift of love to his daughter because he could not imagine anything better than giving her the same love and wonder for the world that he has. Albert has a great sense of humor that comes out in his interactions with Sophie and Alberto. However, he is also extremely indulgent in his writing. Hilde plays her trick on him to show him what it would be like to be manipulated in the way that he controls Sophie and Alberto. Albert learns from his daughter and realizes that perhaps he went a bit too far in his story, but we can forgive him for that, because his mistakes were for all the right reasons.